Hail Sizar!

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Gerald Home
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Hail Sizar!

Postautor: Gerald Home » 21 gru 2007, 2:12

Hello Everyone,

I hope you don't mind that I've started a new topic, but I think the subject of this topic deserves a section all of his own:

Cezary "Sizar" Zolynski, DZ-6426 and SL-6426, Commanding Officer of the Polish Outpost.

As 2007 draws to a close, I want to pay tribute to Cezary, in what has been a fantastic year for the Ootpost - and for STAR WARS in general in Poland.

Cezary's contribution to this success has been enormous. The excellent convention Dagobah 2007 would not have happened without him, and he was central to its success. His hard work, enthusiasm and professionalism were stunning, and I wish all other STAR WARS conventions could be like this.

It was a true convention, and it gave joy not only to the participants and visitors, but also to the wider community of Gorzow Wielkopolski, where the event took place - not to mention the publicity the visit to the uniquely-named Obi Wan-Kenobi Street brought to Grabowiec. I'm not surprised to hear that Cezary has been honoured with his inclusion in the Encyclopedia of Gorzow City. Congratulations to him for that.

And of course my visit to Poland would not have happened without Cezary. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

I know I shouldn't single out anyone else for praise, but in this case I must, because he was also instrumental in organising my visit: the Outpost's superb XO - TK-2791, Maciek "Maska" Skawinski. Thanks Maciek.

Somehow my thanks to Cezary were left out of Kuba's excellent new interview - my fault, sorry - but Kuba has now corrected my mistake. Here's the link again:

Polish version:

English version:

Finally, Cezary - I thank you, and I salute you. And I invite everyone who knows him to join me in calling out, "Hail Sizar!"


Friend of the Polish Outpost
Gerald Home
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Friend of the Polish Garrison

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Postautor: ShVagYeR » 21 gru 2007, 7:26

Let me take it a step further and say: Ave Sizar! :) You've done a great work for the Polish fandom and for that I salute you and the Polish Outpost.

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Postautor: Sizar » 23 gru 2007, 21:08

Thank you for your beautiful words, you made me blush. I would like to thank you Gerald very much, for the trust you put in us, when you decided to come and visit the people who were complete strangers to you. I believe we'll meet again many times, especially since the people here grew very fond of you. Again, thank you and since it's nearly Christmas, on behalf of all Polish Outpost members, I wish you happiness, good health and May the Force Never Leave Your Side!
SL 6426 Cezary "Sizar" Żołyński
501st Legion Polish Garrison

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